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Important Health Tips for Nursing Mothers

You’re probably wondering why it’s very crucial to make changes with your diet when you start to breast feed. Don’t worry to take this risk, as this is very important for your baby’s growth and brain development. Breast milk is very resilient and just an automatic process. Your body will only extract what it needs from you to create it. Rest assured as long as you eat right and drink enough fluids, there will be plenty of milk that your baby can drink from you.

Though you really have to make a few adjustments especially to your diet so that your body can produce enough milk. Taking these changes can also provide you with mental and physical strength to take care of your baby during this post-partum period.

Here are some health tips for nursing moms.

Increase Your Calorie Intake

Increasing your calorie intake may be painful to hear but it’s important so that you can produce enough milk for your baby’s needs. It is highly recommended to increase your calorie intake by 200 calories during your pregnancy period. When you reach the breast feeding period, a total increase of 500 calories is a must. This also depends on how much you are breast feeding. Another alternative instead of counting your calorie intake is eating 3 small meals every 3 hours. This will ensure you high energy levels and stable blood sugar levels. Eating whole grains or starch, healthy fat and lots of protein can also help you to stay full for longer.

Prenatal Vitamins

Ever feel that you’re lacking enough nutrients for your breast feeding needs? Taking prenatal vitamins with omega-3 fatty acids can help you regain those lost nutrients. It’s highly recommended that you continue taking prenatal vitamins while you’re still on breast feeding stage. This ensures that the nutrients you need such as folic acid, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids will be more than enough for you. Folic acid and B12 can help your baby’s brain and immune system development, while omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA can help for the development of your baby’s nervous system. It can also prevent depression and anxiety during your post-partum stage.

Stay Away from Environmental Contaminants

Such environmental contaminants like pesticides can easily find a way into your breast milk. In that case, educate yourself with Environmental Working Group’s “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” guidelines so that you’ll be aware which foods contains the highest or least amount of pesticide residues. You can also purchase organic or local fruits and vegetables. Locally grown fruit and vegetables contains less environmental contaminants. Always be careful in choosing what you eat, as exposure to such pesticides can have an impact on your infant’s developing nervous and hormonal systems.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is very important when your body is producing breast milk all day long. Always drink water throughout the day or before you feel thirsty. It is highly recommended to drink 1 cup of water each time you nurse. Stay away from caffeinated drinks during your breast feeding stage. And always choose filtered water, not those that are stored inside plastic containers. Having trouble drinking enough water? You can alternatively flavor your beverage with lemon, lime, or other fruits.

Reduce Your Caffeine

Never take too much caffeine in your nursing stage. This can lead to agitation, disrupt sleeping patterns, and bowel irritation for your infant. It’s perfectly normal to grab a cup of coffee during your sleepless nights. However, if your baby begins to show some negative effects because of your caffeine intake you may want to reduce it for a little. A maximum of 2 cups of caffeine a day is enough for you, and always remember to drink plenty of water as we have mentioned earlier.

Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

If you’re an alcohol drinker, you may want to reduce it as your baby’s detoxification system during this stage is not yet fully developed. This may affect your baby’s milk consumption as alcohol can slow down your baby’s system development. There are also alcoholic beverages that can reduce your milk supply so you may want to avoid those. But if you really want to drink alcohol while nursing, you can alternatively store milk prior to drinking and avoid yourself on breast feeding for a while until alcohol is cleared from your body. 1 serving of alcohol takes approximately 3 hours before it gets cleared from your system, so you may have to wait a little bit longer.

How to whiten your teeth?

We, as citizen of this earth have come a long way that even our lifestyle has changed compared to the old times. Because of office jobs, most of us spend our lives sitting in front of our desk in the office without much physical activity. Which leads to lots of health problems that we might never notice.

Processed foods are everywhere nowadays. These foods can be bad for your health and also for your teeth. Many of us just don’t care about our teeth and sometimes we take these small things for granted.

This will lead to yellowness and plaque build-up, and even worse, filled with cavities. But it’s never too late to change. You can find some natural mixtures at your home and use them to whiten your teeth.

In this article, I’ll tell you about a product that can truly remove plaque and whiten your teeth compared to traditional toothpastes. Let’s dive in!

Activated Charcoal

Some of you must have heard about Activated Charcoal but what exactly is this product all about?

Activated Charcoal or activated carbon is a form of carbon that’s been heated to increase its adsorptive power. Its known that this material can attract impurities to itself and then forms a coating around the carbon molecules.

It’s like a strong magnet, where you bring it near powdered iron, the iron powder forms a film around it due to its strong attraction to the magnet. Some of you may have seen activated charcoal on face wash ads but this product we’re going to talk about today is especially made for dental usage.

The product is called “Teeth Whitening by The Beauty Co.”. According to the company, it uses activated carbon from coconut shells. The product works wonders but don’t keep your hopes up if you want instant white teeth.

  • First, it won’t magically remove your cavities instantly if you already have them.
  • Second, it won’t whiten your teeth if yours has been stained by consuming too much tobacco products.

But, it will reduce the yellowish parts of your teeth and whitens them specfically if your teeth had been yellowish over time.

How to Use?

This isn’t like your traditional toothpaste that you have to put on your brush directly. Instead, you simply wet your toothbrush a little and then dip it in to the powder. Don’t overdue of dipping it on the powder, a small amount is enough for a single use. After dipping it to the powder, brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes. You may notice that your teeth will become black while brushing, but don’t worry as this only happens due to the color of the powder.

After brushing, rinse your mouth thoroughly until all of the charcoal’s residue are gone. Use it regularly and you’ll definitely see positive results in just a week.

Never forget to take care of your dental health. Our teeth is one of the most important parts of our body. And without our teeth, we’ll probably have a hard time eating right now.

6 Powerful Health Benefits from Beets That We Should Know

Beetroot is one of the vegetables that are easy to ignore. But did you know that this vegetable has wonderful health benefits such as boosting your energy levels while detoxing at the same time? Today, we’re going to tackle the six health benefits that beets has to offer. Let’s go!

  1. Beets can help you create red blood cells

  • The attractive red color that beets have is from a group of phytonutrients known as betalains. Betalains that are found on beets are richer than any other vegetables and it’s known to be an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying agents.
  1. Anti-Inflammatory

  • The good thing about the anti-inflammatory property of beets is that it can prevent many chronic diseases and greatly improves cardiovascular health. Studies show that betalains found on beets support nerve and eye tissue better than antioxidants.
  1. Anti-Cancer

  • Not that it’s just anti-inflammatory, betalains found on beets can also help prevent cancer, especially against colon cancer. In vitro lab tests, it was proven that beet betalain can help suppress cancer cells. It also has a higher antioxidant value compared to most vegetables containing beta-carotene.
  1. It’s Rich in Nutrients Such as Vitamin C, Folate, and more

  • Beets are also rich in Vitamin C, folate, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. These can help boost our immune system and probably provide a healthier pregnancy for women. The fiber found in beets supports gastrointestinal health the same we can find in carrots.
  1. It Has Detoxing Powers

  • Beet Betalains are also great for detoxing. Certain enzymes we can find on beet betalains stimulate glutathione production. This connects toxins to glutathione molecules where the toxins are neutralized and excreted harmlessly.
  1. Improves Digestion

  • Since beets contains a lot of fiber, those who have digestive issues can really rely on beets. Fiber found on beets help improve digestive and colon health as it cleans out the gastrointestinal system which results to healthy bowel movements. Digestive markers such as Beeturia may happen. It is a pink or red urine that sometimes occurs after consuming beet products such as beet soup or beet juice. Beeturia is an indicator that you have low iron absorption. Another occurrence is that you’ll see pink or red water surrounding your stool after consuming beets.
  • But this is not something to worry about. Dr. John Douillard, DC, a doctor specialized in Ayurvedic medicine says that you should use the red stool from beets as a marker for your digestive cycle. If it appears less than 12 hours after consuming beets, it shows that your digestive cycle is short and you’re lacking nutrients.

How to Get The Most of Beets Health Benefits?

  • Always buy organic beets.
  • Leave an inch or so when separating beets from their plant leaves. This can prevent beets from bleeding.
  • When the beets are good to go, peel the outer skin of the beets using a peeler and slice and dice appropriately for your food or juice preparation.
  • Never overcook beets. Cooking beets for 15 minutes will remove its nutrients. Juicing beets mixed with other vegetables are the best way to consume them. Or you can even eat it raw if You like.
  • If you’re into salads, you can thinly slice or shred the beets to use them as a raw topping for your salads. The plant greens that are attached on beets can also give you extra nutrients. Beet greens are a bit like chard, but detached beet roots cost a little less.
  • You can also use beets to make traditional fermented Beet Kvass. Beet Kvass is full of beneficial enzymes, friendly probiotic bacteria, and increased vitamin levels, which can help protect against infection.

These are the health benefits we can get from beets. So what are you waiting for? Start experiencing beets wonderful health benefits now.


There are a lot of things that factor into health, regardless it’s emotional or physical health on which one has to focus. Moreover, there are strong arguments for the notion that physical and mental health are intertwined. There are several factors that women must particularly be focusing on in terms of keeping up their health.

  1. Vitamins

There are several essential vitamins for anyone to consume, however women in specific. These include the B vitamins, such as folate and the antioxidant vitamins (vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin C). Vitamin K and vitamin D are essential as well, similar to magnesium, iron and iodine. Also, it’s vital to take in omega-3 fish oils if possible.

  1. Cleaning eating

On top of guaranteeing that you consume the exact vitamin in adequate doses, you have to realize that it is also very important to clean eating for your overall health. Filling your body with alcohol and harmful drugs could possibly lead to a lot of health problems and weight gain. If you want help in order to combat your addiction, you can always search for a drug rehab for women near you.  Know that rehab centers can aid women in overcoming any addictions involved such as eating disorders.

  1. Having a hard time maintaining a healthy weight

For women, healthy eating entirely vital. Generally, women have a more difficulty to maintain a healthy weight compared to men since women’s metabolism tend to be slower and, frequently, they have less muscle mass on average. Moreover, hormonal fluctuations that happen each month and some life events, including pregnancy, can make it so that the weight of the woman tends to fluctuate more than the average man’s weight.

But, there are things you can consider in order to overcome this, and one of them is healthy eating. You have to ensure that you are eating a lot of vegetables and fruits and have several amount of protein and iron in your diet given that you regularly exercise—if this is an option for you. There are also nutrition applications that will assist you in keeping your diet healthy. Healthy habits are not only vital for physical health but for mental and emotional health as well.

  1. Channel your spiritual side

If you happen to be a spiritual person, staying in touch with your spiritual side and making sure that you feel centered all the time is also great for your mental health. In addition, having a strong support network of friends and family whom you can always lean n when you have hard times on your life is important too. Regardless if you are an introvert, probably you will do well having a network of close friends who will be there for you if you need them and will always care about you.

Indeed, there are a lot of ways to maintain the woman’s health, whether you want to focus on the mental or the physical aspects. Although, there’s no single right way in terms of living a life. Thus, you need to look for the perfect healthy habits that suits you and your personality well.

7 Important Travel Health Tips for a Traveler Like You

Getting sick while traveling is hard. In unexpected moments like this, it’s always nice to be prepared wherever you go. Here are 7 travel health tips to stay healthy while taking a trip:

Before you Go:

  1. Stay up-to-date. Traveling to another country is an exciting moment for everyone. But what if there are diseases spreading into that particular place and you’re not even aware off? Always be prepared by going to Centers of Disease Control travel health page. This will let you know if there are any diseases spreading into that area. It’s better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Medical Check-up. Before you travel, always get a medical check-up. This will let you know if you need such vaccinations required before you travel. Always visit travel health clinics so they can provide you exact immunizations and may even give you travel medicines for you to consume.
  3. Medical Kit is your Friend. One of the most important thing when traveling is bringing your medical kit. If you’re taking any prescription drugs, don’t forget to bring them and also the copies of your prescriptions. While traveling, always be careful of what you eat. Bring rehydrating salts and charcoal tablets just in case of food poisoning. And if you’re traveling by plane, always take Echinacea and Spirulina before and during your trip to give your immune system a boost up.
  4. Travel Insurance. Buying a travel insurance before you go is a big benefit for you as much as a health insurance. When you have a travel insurance, you’re covered from your medical expenses, evacuation, or even for your lost baggage and other unfortunate series of events that may happen during your trip.

During Your Trip:

  1. Stay Hydrated. Water is our source of energy. Drink plenty of water while you’re on your trip to keep your body hydrated. Always bring lots of drinking water around you so that you don’t need to buy one. There are some places where water isn’t safe to drink. If you’re running out of drinking water from your trip you can always buy bottled water.
  2. Eat Healthy. It’s easy to ignore fruits and vegetables especially when you see a lot of exotic foods to try on during your trip. It’s not bad to eat something new, but don’t forget to eat your fruits and veggies to help your body stay healthy while you’re on your trip. Keep in mind, in areas where water isn’t safe, avoid buying fruits and vegetables that can’t be peeled.
  3. Don’t skip Rest. Being on vacation is very tiring especially if you’re going around nonstop just to witness the beauty of a certain place. Don’t forget to get some rest so that your body can regenerate energy you’ve lost during your trip. Take care of your body, schedule your rest hours before grabbing that camera to capture your memories.

5 Useful Tips to Keep You Moving Instead of Sitting All Day

Sitting all day especially if you have a job is normal. But sitting for hours and hours may give us health issues that we might never notice. Sometimes, we say to ourselves, “Let it be” because we think that there’s nothing we can do about it. Well that’s where you’re wrong.

Here are some 5 great healthy tips and that you can use to keep a healthy lifestyle even when you’re busy:

  1. Get a Standing Desk

One of the simplest ways to get off from that desk is standing up. Standing is good for you since it allows for a better blood flow circulation compared to sitting. A study by Standford University shows that people who tend to stand during work hours has felt less back pain compared to those who sat all day. Standing is really good for your health as it allows you to move freely while you work.

So how can we convert a sitting workstation into a standing one?

If you’re on a budget, you could do simple things like propping everything up. Make sure that you prop your desk according to your level. Where your shoulder can be relaxed, your wrist to be supported, and your monitor that’s level to your eyes.

Not a fan of DIY? You can always buy standing desks online or at your nearest department stores.

Standing desk are portable and can be easily placed at your current desk. Make sure to adjust its level according to your comfortable spot. Not just that, with a standing desk, you can adjust it back so you can switch between sitting and standing. Sounds very convenient right?

Pros: DIY standing desks doesn’t require fancy props to use. You can just grab some household items like boxes or pieces of wood and prop it up yourself. Or you can simple buy a standing desk if you want to save more time.

Cons: Standing too long might give you some problems. People who are used to sitting might experience a struggle of standing too long. And honestly, being in one position be it standing or sitting isn’t good for you. Improvise for a bit, you can sit during a meeting or walk around your office during a break. Or you can buy an anti-fatigue standing mat to match with your standing desk.

  1. Use a Yoga Ball / Yoga Ball Chair

Yoga ball chairs is a great alternative from using traditional chairs. A yoga ball gives you a freedom to move and can help you generate proper posture. It can also help you move different muscles on your body compared to regular sitting.

Pros: Yoga balls can help you reduce back pain. It can also help you stay active as you can roll, bounce, and stretch while you work. This kind of freedom can help you stimulate your brain and creativity.

Cons: Some may struggle to sit properly on a yoga ball especially those who are used to traditional chairs. They might find themselves falling off the chair due to bad alignment and posture. If you’re one of these people, make sure to properly inflate the ball depending on your comfortability.

  1. Treadmill Desk To Keep You Moving

If you feel that standing desks aren’t enough, the Treadmill Desk is the right thing for you. Most people who worked for almost 24 hours a day don’t have time to do some cardio exercise. With the Treadmill Desk, you don’t have to worry about missing your daily cardio workout. You can work and walk at the same time without the need to go outside.

Pros: It’s a great alternative if you want to move more compared to standing desks. Walking while you work can make you productive both in your health and work. You can burn calories while you complete that article your boss gave you.

Cons: Treadmill desks might make your wallet cry. It’s also not good if you’re working inside an office full of people. The noise and space might give issues for your workmates and also to yourself. Keep in mind that treadmills don’t mimic natural walking, so you might end up having micro “falls” that’s not good for your body.

  1. Use a Balance Board / Fluid Stance

Feeling tired while using your standing desk and the treadmill isn’t the right choice for you? A Balance board got you covered. A balance board combined with a standing desk can help you stabilize your muscles as you work. You can use a traditional balance board or if you want to get more fancy, you can get a FluidStance board instead.

Pros: Balance Boards are portable and can be carried around everywhere. You can easily store them under your work desk without taking too much space. It also pairs great with a standing desk so you can have fun while getting your work done.

Cons: It might distract your concentration from your work. Using balance boards takes some time and practice. You might find yourself slacking while you work since you’ll be concentrating to keep your balance all the time.

  1. SomaFit

SomaFit is one of the simplest solution that you can use for your “sitting all day” problem. With SomaFit, you can get 5, 10, or even 25-minute workout classes that’s designed to keep your body energized while you work. No need for all those fancy equipment and workout attires that cost too much. All you need is yourself and you’re ready to go.

Pros: It’s more effective and can help you move and do more compared to standing or treadmills desks that costs too much. Even if SomaFit workouts are short, studies have shown that it’s just as effective as longer workouts. It also costs less than your monthly gym, with just a single pay, you can get a lifetime access of SomaFit’s 250+ workout classes.

Cons: SomaFit doesn’t come with a notification system yet, so you have to set an alarm to remind yourself to start working out.

There are many workout alternatives that you can do than just sitting down while you work. Being busy on your job isn’t an excuse that you can’t workout anymore. Always remember to take a break and move those muscles to keep a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle.

5 Healthy Tips for this Holiday Season

Holidays is fast approaching and it’s that time of the year again where we are bombarded with foods around the table. We may be caught up with all the fun and excitement that the holiday may bring, but we also need to stay on top of our health at the same time. Without watching our health, we might never do the things we enjoy. In this topic, we provided a list of ways how to stay on top of your health during the holidays. Let’s dive in!

Heartburn prevention

Delicious foods are always in sight especially on holidays. But be careful, you might get a heartburn as you’re busy devouring that food in front of you. Limiting foods that can cause you heartburn is the best way to prevent heartburn. You can still enjoy your favorite holiday treats but you should also be cautious and consume them moderately. Just take it slow, small bites are enough and don’t overstuff yourself.

When you feel that your stomach can’t take it anymore, take a break. Get up and move around for a few minutes to let the food digest inside before taking another bite.


Holidays can be stressful sometimes. You’re maybe tired moving around, cooking, preparing, and all that stuff. Don’t forget to make time for yourself to de-stress. Stretch that body by doing some yoga, or find your inner peace by doing some meditation. Or maybe ask your partner to massage your neck and shoulders for a few minutes. Take your time to relax to fully prepare your body before the holiday housework begins.

Daily Vitamin Routine

There are times that you forgot to take your vitamins especially in holidays. Don’t let your busy holiday chores make you forget to take your daily vitamins. Our bodies are vulnerable to weird things especially when we are under stress. So it’s very important to take our daily vitamins to help our bodies keep up during the holidays.

Be sure to take multivitamins before you eat. It can help you absorb nutrients better especially when you’re eating a lot of meals during the holidays.

Drink lots of Water

Soda and Wine can never be absent during the holiday season. It’s okay to drink these kinds of beverages but never forget to drink plenty of water too. Always keep a water bottle beside you especially when you’re travelling or just jogging around outside in the cold weather. Water is a life source and it can help you refuel your immune system during those stressful holiday moments.

Plan some winter workouts

Finding time to workout during the busy holidays is so hard. But a simple 15-minute winter walk every time you wake up in the morning will do. You can gather up your family to a stroll down the neighborhood under the soft breeze of winter. Too lazy to go out? You can turn a spare room into a little workout hub filled with yoga mats, some dumbbells and water bottles around. Invite your friends and family to do some workouts before getting stressed when the evening comes.

With New Year fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to create some workout goals. If this is the year where you’re busy being fat, maybe next year is the time where you’re going to be busy building that muscle. Re-evaluate your daily activities, find what’s best for you and what’s not. And time to start shaping up that body.

How to Grow Beets in Containers

Beets are an excellent vegetable when developing the produce in containers. Below are just several of the necessities that you are going to need for this particular project. If you aren’t great with gardening consider hiring a landscaper in denver to get you started and detail how to maintain the beets.

Deep container — Make certain that your box is approximately eight to twelve inches in depth. Creating a full jar is important because the beetroot is going to need this particular room to develop and grow. Also a bonus is, that big, deep pots don’t dry out as quickly as smaller ones, and that will keep the soil moist for an extended period of time leading to less frequent watering.

Upgraded potting soil — Beets are picky with regards to soil requirements. Combine one component potting soil, with one part manure or maybe compost and one part per lite to have a great dirt for the beets of yours.

Fertilizer — Going with an organic fertilizer when raising food crops is most crucial. Seaweed is a fantastic source of boron, that numerous beet variations start to be lacking in. Using compost tea with additional drops of seaweed fertilizer is a good way to amend the dirt on a weekly to bi weekly basis.

Exposure — Beet seeds require cool temperatures and full sun to thrive. Beets are a great season crop and then planted in fall and spring. Full sunshine is to be six hours as well as of UV light. This means even in case it’s cloudy, on an obvious morning that part of the garden of yours will be in sun that is full for six or maybe more time.

You will find numerous different types of a fun and beet seeds project to get a few different varieties in various pots. Remember that all of the seeds in a bundle don’t need to be utilized. I have often saved them annually and also planted them to get so much success. Seeds must be sowed around fifty degrees. Try soaking the seeds for twenty four hours in water once you’ve selected the varieties to develop. After that twenty four hour time period, it’s now time period to grow the seeds of yours in pots loaded with potting soil, manure and also perlite mixture. Plant seeds at a 3/4″ to one inch growing level plus two inches apart across. I would rather grow a lot more seeds than not, in the event several don’t germinate. Later when the seeds have germinated, that may take five to eight days or maybe two days in case temps are cooler, the plant life is thinned out to four inches apart. Continue to bath as beets require regular moisture, nonetheless, be sure the dirt is drawing not and well waterlogged as beets are susceptible to root rot. When your beets have achieved your preferred size, several prefer immature origins as their taste is concentrated, harvest by slowly reaching the hand of yours in the ground and carrying the root. Only harvest what’s required for consumption, freezing, pickling, unless canning, cellar storage is completed. With each brand new gardening season, try a brand new beet variety in the containers of yours and do not overlook the greens are as tasty as the origins as well as more healthy.

Various Types Of Cappuccino

One of the best things to do in the morning is to sip on a hot cup of coffee. It really jump-starts your day. Coffee is drunk everywhere in the world, and there are many types of coffee, and often when we walk into a coffee shop there are so many options, we get confused as to which one is what. The following are some of the types of cappuccino:


Espresso is a strong dark coffee. The coffee beans are nicely ground, and it is filtered in a metal vessel, and pressurised water is sent through this vessel, and it mixes with the coffee. Espresso has a higher content of coffee, and thus it can taste a bit bitter. You can add sugar cubes to your drink if you think it is too bitter for your taste. Espressos are usually served in shots, and a double shot espresso is when you have two espresso shots in one cup.


Mocha is a mixture of espresso and chocolate. There are many ways in which you can make mocha. Some people usually add chocolate syrup to their espresso drink while others add hot chocolate mix into their espresso drink. Depending on your taste you can add the chocolate syrup.


Cappuccino is the drink which is usually filled with foam. Cappuccino is basically espresso with a lot of foam on the top. The foam is usually created by the steam from the espresso machine. Milk is also added to the drink and foam contains steamed and frothed milk. Cappuccinos taste best when you add a little bit of cinnamon on top of the foam. Italian cappuccinos have more milk than the American cappuccinos.

Iced Cappuccinos:

Espresso is mixed with cold frothed milk, and it is a brilliant beverage to drink on a hot day.

Wet Cappuccinos:

Wet coffee has more milk content and less foam content. The coffee has a creamier taste, and it is more like cafe latte with foam on the top.

Dry Cappuccinos:

Dry coffee has less milk content, and the foam on top of the drink is also less. A small quantity of steamed milk is added to the coffee, and it has a strong taste.


For people who feel that espresso is way too strong for their taste, they can go for Americano. Americano is a milder version of espresso. A large amount of water is mixed with the coffee which is already brewed in a cup.


Short Macchiato is similar to espresso, but a little bit of steamed milk is added to soften the bitter taste of coffee in espresso. A large Macchiato is when double espresso is added to a little bit of steamed milk.

Café Latte:

Cafe Latte is much sweeter than espresso. Steamed milk is added to the coffee, and you can add sugar if you want.

Etiquette Tips for Dining

When you have to dine with someone whom you haven’t met before in a professional environment things can get a little tricky. You will want to get to know that person, and at the same time, you will be worried about your eating habits. If you are dining with someone in a business environment, you need to understand that you are not there for the food. Your primary goal is to talk to the other professional and do business with him/her. The following are some of the tips which will help you in such situations:

Introduce yourself:

Before the meal you need to make sure that you introduce yourself if you have never met the person before. You can start with a handshake and sit down only after the host sits down. Place the napkin on your lap, and if you have another person arriving at the table, then it is polite to stand and invite them.

Don’t spend too much time in ordering the food:

Do some research about the place you are dining and have a rough idea of what you are going to eat. When the waiter comes, don’t sound too picky as your peers might get annoyed. You should remember that you are there to do business and not eat your best meal there. Try to avoid food items which are messy to eat and order food that is easy to eat.

The position of the glass and forks:

Always remember to drink from your glass of water. Do not by mistake take the glass from your host and drink from that. Your glass will always be placed on the right side, and the fork, soup spoon, and the bread plate will be placed on the left side. The bread plate will be placed above the soup spoon and fork.

Try everything on your plate:

Try to eat everything on the plate. Don’t eat only the meat and fries and avoid the veggies. If you don’t like the food, then try to eat at least a little. Also, do not ask your peers to finish off their meal.

Avoid talking about politics:

Make sure that you avoid talking about controversial topics. It might make someone feel uncomfortable and if someone else is bringing up a topic which makes you feel uncomfortable then politely change the subject.

Leaving the table at the mid of your meal:

If you have to leave the table at the mid of your meal, politely get up and leave the napkin on your chair and you need not tell the others at the table why you are leaving.

Finishing the meal:

Once you are done with your meal, you need to rest your fork and knife inward. The handle must be at the 5’o clock position, and the tips must point at the 10’o clock position. Do not try to take home the leftovers as it is considered unprofessional.

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