Various Types Of Cappuccino

One of the best things to do in the morning is to sip on a hot cup of coffee. It really jump-starts your day. Coffee is drunk everywhere in the world, and there are many types of coffee, and often when we walk into a coffee shop there are so many options, we get confused as to which one is what. The following are some of the types of cappuccino:


Espresso is a strong dark coffee. The coffee beans are nicely ground, and it is filtered in a metal vessel, and pressurised water is sent through this vessel, and it mixes with the coffee. Espresso has a higher content of coffee, and thus it can taste a bit bitter. You can add sugar cubes to your drink if you think it is too bitter for your taste. Espressos are usually served in shots, and a double shot espresso is when you have two espresso shots in one cup.


Mocha is a mixture of espresso and chocolate. There are many ways in which you can make mocha. Some people usually add chocolate syrup to their espresso drink while others add hot chocolate mix into their espresso drink. Depending on your taste you can add the chocolate syrup.


Cappuccino is the drink which is usually filled with foam. Cappuccino is basically espresso with a lot of foam on the top. The foam is usually created by the steam from the espresso machine. Milk is also added to the drink and foam contains steamed and frothed milk. Cappuccinos taste best when you add a little bit of cinnamon on top of the foam. Italian cappuccinos have more milk than the American cappuccinos.

Iced Cappuccinos:

Espresso is mixed with cold frothed milk, and it is a brilliant beverage to drink on a hot day.

Wet Cappuccinos:

Wet coffee has more milk content and less foam content. The coffee has a creamier taste, and it is more like cafe latte with foam on the top.

Dry Cappuccinos:

Dry coffee has less milk content, and the foam on top of the drink is also less. A small quantity of steamed milk is added to the coffee, and it has a strong taste.


For people who feel that espresso is way too strong for their taste, they can go for Americano. Americano is a milder version of espresso. A large amount of water is mixed with the coffee which is already brewed in a cup.


Short Macchiato is similar to espresso, but a little bit of steamed milk is added to soften the bitter taste of coffee in espresso. A large Macchiato is when double espresso is added to a little bit of steamed milk.

Café Latte:

Cafe Latte is much sweeter than espresso. Steamed milk is added to the coffee, and you can add sugar if you want.