Top 10 Root Vegetables You Should Definitely Add To Your Diet

Root vegetables are packed with a lot of nutrients. They are rich in carbohydrates to give your body the energy it needs, dietary fiber to help you through constipation and hemorrhoids. It also prevents the risk of having colon cancer. Moreover, they’re also rich in vitamin A for healthy eyesight, and vitamin C for a healthy glowing skin and for a strong immune system.

Below are the top 10 list of the healthiest root vegetables that you should include in your diet:

Carrots – Loaded with vitamin A, carrots are good for a clearer and healthy eyesight. Regular intake of carrots can also keep your lungs healthy as recent studies have suggested. Carrots can be enjoyed in a number of ways, such as turning them into smoothies, roasting them in your oven, or you can just eat them raw.

Butternut Squash – You’ll be amazed that butternut squash is also a good source of vitamin A just like carrots. If you shop for a butternut squash, make sure to choose the one with a darker color. The darker color, the more vitamin A it contains. Not just that, it also has magnesium, calcium, and vitamin C to help boost your immune system.

Beets – Betalains found in beets can help eliminate toxins on your body as well as making your liver healthy. Even more, beets also contain phosphorous, magnesium, potassium, and zinc. Some health-conscious people include beets in their daily meals such as adding them to their salad or smoothie.

Radishes – Radishes have the same power as beets since radishes are also known to help get rid of impurities and poisonous substances. Experts have confirmed that regular eating of radishes can help lower the risk of having cancer. Radishes are also high in water to help you keep hydrated.

Yams – With a lots of root vegetables that’s available to choose from, you should definitely include Yam in your diet. This vegetable is rich in potassium which can help lower your blood pressure. And also vitamin B6 for a healthier brain, nerves and blood vessels, and off course, to protect you from depression and anxiety.

Fennel – You might have noticed in various sites where fennel seeds are mentioned for beauty and health home remedies. Well, just like carrots, fennel is rich in iron which can help for the production of red blood cells, and can also help prevent anemia from developing.

Turnips – Turnips are also a good source of iron just like fennel that we have mentioned above. Turnips also contain a good amount of vitamin C to strengthen your immune system. You should definitely try eating the root part of the turnip too.

Cassava – Cassava is an incredible source of energizing complex carbohydrates which is also loaded with dietary fiber as well. Boiled cassava is one of the most common ways we consume cassava. But you can actually add them to stews or you can either chop and fry them as cassava chips.

Sweet Potatoes – This list will never be complete if sweet potatoes won’t make an appearance. Sweet potatoes are rich in potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and E. Now that’s a lot of nutrients in just a single root vegetable. There are plenty of ways to enjoy sweet potatoes too, such as baking, roasting, and turning them into pies.

Jerusalem Artichokes – Don’t be confused with the name, this kind of root vegetable is not native to Jerusalem, and they actually look like potatoes than artichokes. But despite of these, artichokes contain a lot of nutrients such as phosphorous, potassium, manganese, iron, calcium. Vitamin B1 and vitamin C. Now that’s a whole lot more compared to sweet potatoes that we mentioned above.